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When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don't learn nothing, cause hey, it's not your fault, it's his fault, over there.Joe Strummer




Revise Nazi Germany





Weimar Republic Revision Podcast


Rise of Hitler Podcast


Life in Nazi Germany Podcast


Nazi Control Podcast


Germany 1918-39 Revision Guide


Germany 1918-39 online lessons & tests  


Germany Magic Grid


Revise Medicine Through Time



Medicine Revision Guide


Medicine Magic Grid


Surgery Magic Grid



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I Can Pass History GCSE!


How to revise a topic


Everything you need to pass (notes, tests, MP3's & video)


Medicine Revision Guide (New)


WW1 Medicine Revision Guide (New)


Medicine & WW1 treatment exam paper (New)


Anglo-Saxon & Norman England Revision Guide (New)


British America Revision Guide (New)


British America & Anglo-Saxon and Norman England exam paper (New)


Germany Revision Guide (New)


Germany exam paper (New)


Germany Basics Revision Guide (New)


Revise Germany PowerPoint


Germany Exam PowerPoint


Revise Medicine PowerPoint


Revise Surgery PowerPoint


Revise Medicine Factors PowerPoint


Germany Key Facts Test


Medicine Key Facts Test


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GCSE Practice Exam Papers


Interactive exam papers for Germany and Medicine

Key Stage 3 History Fun Factory 


Find a topic, select a game


Year 7 History Activities


Year 8 History Activities


Year 9 History Activities


Help with Vietnam Coursework  



Vietnam War Overview

History AS Overviews


History of Civil Rights Movement (Spartacus)


Voices of the Civil Rights Movement



Russian Revolution (Spartacus)


The Cold War (Learning Curve)


Cold War Key Individuals & Events


Tudors (Spartacus)


Active History


Teaching Resources

GCSE Lesson Plans & Resources

Options: Why study History at GCSE?

History Department Handbook

Year 7 Scheme of Work & Resources

Year 8 Scheme of Work & Resources

Year 9 Scheme of Work & Resources

Y7 Battle of Hastings Assessment

Y7 Peasants Revolt Assessment

Y7 Becket Assessment

Y8 Battle of Bosworth Assessment

Y8 Spanish Armada Assessment

Y8 Trial of Charles I Assessment

Y9 Children in the Mills Assessment

Y9 Living Conditions Assessment

Y9 WW1 Diary Assessment

GCSE Medicine & Surgery Scheme (Autumn & Spring Year 10)

GCSE Vietnam Controlled Assessment (Summer Year 10)

GCSE Germany 1918-1939 Scheme (Autumn & Spring Year 11)

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