Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity


Change & Continuity





1. Chronology Skills


2. Battle of Hastings


Team Worker

Effective Partipants


5. Who holds power?


Crown v Church


Independent Enquirer


4. How did the Normans change England?


Reflective Learners


3. Why did William win?


Indepenent Enquirer

Self Managers


Formal Assessment


7. Black Death & The Peasants Revolt


Formal Assessment


Creative Thinkers


6. The reputation of King John.

v      Significance of the legend of Robin Hood.

v      Why did King John sign the Magna Carta?

Independent Enquirer



2. Time-line From Slavery to Freedom



1. Positive images/

Achievements of Black people now and in the past.


Team Worker


6. Emancipation: Did it bring real freedom?


Relective Learners

Formal Assessment


3. The role of racism/economics in Triangular Trade


Reflective Learners

Effective Partipants


5. To what extent did slaves resist?


7. The role and significance of key individuals in protest/resistance.

Independent Enquirers


4. Why do historians disagree about conditions on the plantations?

Creative Thinkers




Medieval Realms (2 Terms)


Black Peoples of the Americas (1 Terms)


Teach these topics in chronological order where possible. Use and my website for additional resources. If the following applies:


If the class has 2 lessons split between 2 teachers then take one unit each.

If the class has 3 lessons split between 2 teachers then the teacher with 2 lessons teaches Medieval Realms.

For details on splits and staffing see attached table.