Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity


Change & Continuity




1.      Battle of Bosworth


Reflective Learners

Creative Thinkers

9. The creation of the United Kingdom.


2. Christianity in the Middle Ages.

3. Martin Luther and the development of the Protestant faith

8. To what extent was England turned upside down by the English Civil war?


7. The Gunpowder Plot

Team Worker

Creative Thinkers

Effective Participants

Self Managers

4. Henry VIII and the Reformation (impact and ramifications).

5. Edward & Mary and the religious seasaw.

6. Why did the Spanish Armada fail?


Independent Enquirer

Reflective Learners


5. The chronology of Revolution from outbreak to execution of Louis XVI




2b. The economic pressures within the Estates General


6. Did Napoleon betray the values of the Revolution?


Creative Thinkers

1. Causes of the French Revolution


2a. Louis XVI




Reflective Learners





4. How revolutionary was the Declaration of the Rights of Man?


Effective Participants


3. Was the Storming of the Bastille a significant event?


Creative Thinkers



Teach these topics in chronological order where possible (in their number order). Click on headings for links to detailed scheme & resources. Use and my website for additional resources. If the following applies:


Year 8


Split Groups (2+1) (1+1)


Teacher 1: Britain 1500-1750


Teacher 2: The French Revolution